Key Information

Date: Wednesday 22nd May

Venue: The MAC, Belfast

Timings: 2pm. – 7.15pm



1.30pm Registration

2.00pm Start

Theme 1: Meet the AI Revolutionaries (2pm – 3.00pm)

Welcome: Máirín Murray

A warm welcome from Máirin Murray (TechFoundHer) who shares the mission of TechFoundHer and inspires us to imagine a new future and then to build it.

Keynote: Dr Lolllie Mancey – AI and Innovation

There’s an AI Revolution underway. Dr Lollie Mancey inspires us to be at the forefront of creating the change, the opportunities for AI and Innovation and the why ethical development matters.

Dr Lollie Mancey is an anthropologist and AI ethicist based in Dublin, Ireland. She is the Programme Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Digital tech and resilience) at the UCD Innovation Academy.

Panel : AI Trailblazers

Meet our panel of women AI Trailblazers who are on a mission to harness the power of data and AI to create a better world. Sylvia Ombati (Founder at Luhish) chairs the discussion with speakers: Jemma Simpson (Founder and CEO,, Naomi McGregor (CEO, CTO of MoveTru) and Khaula Bhutta (Founder and CEO at Inclusive Law).

Theme 2 Tech Innovation and Insights (3.00pm – 4.30pm)

Busting Tech Myths. Tech has no gender. Let’s bust myths and obstacles and learn practical ’how- to’ takeaways on unlocking the potential of tech for product innovation.

AI Product Tips:

Let’s hear Aislinn McBride CTO of Services at Kainos provide her top tips for harnessing AI for your product and startup! It’s time to get brave and really value data.

Gen AI Insights:

GenAI evangelist and trainer Tina Calder shares her ‘hacks’ for using Gen AI to support your entrepreneurial journey. Learn practical ways to use it smartly to improve efficiency and give you back your time and life!!

Panel: Tech Leaders and Innovators

Women in Tech leader Laura McClean (MD at Synechron) leads the discussion with Áine Denn , Alison McMurtrie and Lata Setty. Áine Denn has co-founded, started and grown a global B2B SaaS business Altify and is a board member of Technology Ireland. Lata Setty,, based in Silicon Valley. is a global innovator who has founded several successful startups and is now on a mission to help other women build companies. Alison McMurtrie is a challenger, founder and investor – currently co-founder of Trrue and leads iDunn consulting. The discussion will cover the importance of harnessing tech for startups, examples of innovations that excites them and advice on raising the funding you need.

Structured Networking (4.30pm – 5.00pm)

Theme 3: Show Her The Money (5.00pm – 7.15pm)

Screening of Show Her the Money followed by panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Panel includes:

  • Catherine Gray, Producer and Founder She Angel Investors
  • Wendy Ryan, Investor and CEO Kadabra
  • Lata Setty, VC, How Women Invest “The New Table”
  • Prof. Maura McAdam, Professor Entrepreneurship at DCU
  • Máirín Murray – TechFoundHer

Get Inspired

TechFoundHer is hosting the AI Roadshow – a mini-summit which is all about connecting and getting inspired about the power of AI and women tech trailblazers!. There’s an AI Revolution underway and we need to make sure women are leading as founders, innovators and thinkers. Join us for a one off screening of LA produced award winning movie SHOW HER THE MONEY and a panel discussion with investors and producer from the USA